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Retailers & Cleaning Centers

Here is the latest list of authorised Keith Monks representatives - however we are actively seeking out and signing up new high end dealers all around the world, and such is the enthusiastic reception we're getting to the ‘New Monks’ that the list is evolving constantly.

Most dealers use their Keith Monks RCM to offer a cleaning service to customers - you can bring your record in and for a moderate fee you can clean your record in-store.  Then take it home and play it on the system you know and love - it's a great introduction to show just what a difference a Monks makes to your listening enjoyment. 


Only carefully selected specialist dealers are authorised to offer sales and support for Keith Monks RCMs.  Several other businesses listed below are record resellers only and can offer a cleaning service but cannot sell you a machine - these centres are clearly marked on the list. 




If you're thinking of making a trip it's always a good idea to book ahead, if you would like a demonstration, and especially if you want some of your records cleaned.  Some centres operate a drop off, pick up service (like your dry cleaning!), others may often (but not always) have someone available while you wait.  To avoid disappointment, please contact them first before you set off.


Spare parts for older Monks models ?  Click here -

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