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Compare Keith Monks Features

All Monks machines deliver the technique, benefits and results of the professional Keith Monks broadcast standard system ... originally developed with the BBC ... combined with most if not almost all the automation of newer technology cleaners but takes less than half the time ... and for as low as a fraction of the price.  Safely.  And with the new unique Threadless point suction system for even drier records.


Below you can compare the different features of our current record cleaning machines.

  • Prodigy is our compact entry-level cleaner, opening up the Monks Method to audio customers on even a modest budget.  It takes a little longer but it's worth the wait, looks and works great at home or in a small store wanting to offer customers a quiet, effective record-cleaning service.

  • The microLight is just 16.5" 42cm wide and also quiet - very well suited for in-store customer DIY record cleaning, or fits and beautifully blends in (and lights up) any room in your home.  It has everything from the Redux except the built-in wash system.

  • If you have a little more space and want more speed and convenience in a unit styled and equipped for the true audiophile, the Redux has everything including the pro-Monks medical suction pump and the wash system built in - makes really light work of it especially if you have a lot of records to get through.  It's also the quietest Monks ever.

Which Keith Monks cleaner ?

Keith Monks.  Making records sound better since 1969.

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