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The Keith Monks Redux. 



the ultimate in audiophile record care,

based on the world's first and finest Record Cleaning Machine.


Mains supply: (standard) 115V 60Hz or 230V 50Hz,

(to special order) 110V 50Hz, 220V 60Hz

discOveryOne Redux

Manufacturer conditional warranty*: 3 years domestic,    2 years instore cleaning service and archives/institutions

(*details on request)

Dimensions (main cabinet): 49W x 18H x 32 D mm,
19" W x 7" H x 12.5" D inches

(top deck components & lid cover add 8cm 3" to height)

Weight: 9.5 kgs, 21 lbs.



· The original Keith Monks - made simple, and affordable.

· Simplified design, semi automatic version of the world famous original "Record Cleaning Machine".

· Precision engineered for long-term reliability in the home using industrial and medical grade components.

· Reassuringly purposeful audiophile design.

· Compact ~ light ~ whisper quiet ~ easy ~ fun !

From the makers of the world's first electric Record Cleaning Machine.  Originally designed and developed with engineers at the BBC, and trusted by the British Library National Sound Archive, the US Library of Congress and most major libraries and archives around the world.


Keith Monks.  Making records sound better since 1969.

discOveryOne Redux

The quietest, most full featured Precision Record Cleaning Machine, ever.

SuperSilent model with wash and dry systems built in, precision cleans both sides of an LP in under 3 minutes with auto shut off.

· The best features from the original pro Monks and discOvery machines, brought together for the very first time

· Compact, quiet, automatic, simple to use

· Zero recontamination for safe, consistent results

· New Threadless point suction vacuum system - archive standard contaminant removal, one turn at a time

· Precision engineered for long-term reliability using industrial and medical grade components

· Everything built in: retro windshield hand pump applies fluid straight onto the record through the on-deck LP width brush holder for fast, easy, effective deep cleaning of your records - just like on the traditional pro Monks

· Move the suction arm, apply the fluid, then leave it to it - the Redux does the rest, and shuts itself off when finished

· Fitted with on-deck brush block holder and discOvery12 brush for 12" records

· SuperSilent, super reliable Medical grade suction pump imported from Germany 

· Extra high torque direct drive turntable

· Alarm / light when waste fluid jar full

· Automatic shut off at end of side

· Pyr/\Mat stay-clean mat stops recontaminating the just cleaned side· New compact low profile cabinet in a premium carbon finish

· Clear acrylic dust cover lid

· A genuine audio product - hand built by hi-fi enthusiasts, for hi-fi enthusiasts

· The style, technique and performance of the archive standard Keith Monks -

re-engineered and updated for speed and convenience for the true modern vinylphile

· For best deep clean results, use Keith Monks discOvery Natural Precision biodegradable cleaning fluids.

Keith Monks WashAdaptors

• Optional on-deck brush block holders for 10" and 7" records

• Built in fluid application via fluid pump on front panel

• Plug in design for quick change between record sizes

• Fits Redux, discOveryOne & pro Monks Classic/Omni 

• discOvery brushes sold separately (see Accessories)

• Signature Keith Monks design since 1969.

WashAdaptor 7

Plug in brush holder / fluid applicator for 7" 45s

WashAdaptor 10

Plug in brush holder / fluid applicator for 10" 78s

WashAdaptor 12/16

Replacement brush holder / fluid applicator for 12" LPs (already fitted on Redux and Classic/Omni).

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