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Keith Monks Cleaning Fluids

The record cleaning solution you can trust

Keith Monks discOveryTM Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluids deliver an unrivaled combination of deep cleaning, noise reduction and sound enhancement.  Yet our unique recipes contain no alcohol and no artificial chemicals or additives at all. A popular upgrade for users of other record-cleaning methods & machines.

Tested by the University of Southampton England, discOvery deep cleans your records as never before removing static, surface noise, grit, grease, fume residue, residues left from other fluids and cleaners.

Unbeatable at removing the mould release manufacturing oils from the original pressing, and leaving the record sealed and protected.

Biodegradable discOveryTM contains nothing but pure botanicals and other renewable natural ingredients with the purest laboratory-grade triple-filtered demineralised water.  Carefully blended and perfected from an original Monks recipe dating back to 1976. 

Trust discOvery to restore and preserve your precious discs - for life.

Keith Monks discOveryTM performs in perfect harmony with all Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machines.  Naturally. 

Keith Monks.  True fidelity, unlocked.


Keith Monks discOvery33/45

 · Natural Precision record cleaning fluid for vinyl records

Keith Monks discOvery78

 · Natural Precision record cleaning fluid for 78s and other shellac records

Keith Monks discOvery BreakTheMold

3 in 1 cleaning concentrate: Antifungal spot cleaner • system flush • stylus cleaner • treats mould & mildew on vinyl & shellac records • monthly system flush for your RCM • effective stylus cleaner with applicator

 · Natural Precision pre-wash concentrate spot cleaner / stylus cleaner / system flush:

 · Treats mold (mould) buildup on all poorly stored records plus any extra stubborn sticky marks and stains

 · Work manually into the affected area, then wash and dry as normal

 · Effective stylus cleaner: apply (carefully !) using brush supplied or Eco|Roller

 · System flush: vacuum 3 tbl spoons through your system monthly to keep tubes and fittings clean

Keith Monks discOveryDigital

 · Natural Precision cleaning fluid for optical discs

 · CD · DVD · LaserDisc · Data · Games

 · Even extra fragile SACD & Blu Ray discs 

 · Use for manual cleaning or for best results, with Keith Monks RCMs including Prodigy

Keith Monks FinylVinyl

 · Precision post-wash rinsing fluid for all records

 · After multiple requests, for those who insist discOvery needs to be rinsed after !

Why discOvery fluids ? 

• discOvery is unbeatable at dissolving the mould (mold) release oils from the original pressing.

• discOveryTM reveals the true fidelity hidden in your records.  Middle and upper frequencies sparkle with natural clarity, while the lower registers glow with previously unheard warmth and depth.  Recordings become more open, detailed and transparent, previously hidden voices and instruments are suddenly revealed, and the soundstage dramatically improved overall.

• Thin, inaudible natural protective layer replaces the manufacturing oils, protects and prolongs the life of both stylus and record

• Lowering the noise, revealing the clarity, and protecting the disc and stylus: these are the biggest benefits of "proper" record cleaning. 

• Tested by the University of Southampton England, and trusted and approved by the world's greatest sound archives and libraries

• Natural is No Compromise: the KM formulation of nut oils, vegetable starches and cereal crops delivers true, safe deep cleaning
• Made from 100% sustainable, renewable plant based resources  
• Part of the Keith Monks Eco|Audio range: perfectly complements the Keith Monks Prodigy bamboo Record Cleaning Machines.

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